My friend Ray has a rather hearty laugh, and a while back another friend of ours said to me “I wish I had a box with Ray’s laugh in it that I could play whenever I want… no, it should have a hundred Rays in it!” My response? “I can make that happen.” Thus, One Hundred Rays. Laughing. (for Allison) was born.

Was that enough? Why no, of course not! So in the spirit of taking a bad joke that went too far even further, let me present for your listening pleasure: One Hundred Rays. Laughing. Forever.

Well here’s your nightmare fuel for the day.


It occurred to me that there might be people who haven’t seen this.
Makes me wanna play D&D so much.

Damn that’s some good riffage.

agencyobservation: so, is this footage of Gunther as a kitten?

agencyobservation: so, is this footage of Gunther as a kitten?

(Source: iheartcatgifs)

Gunther get out of there, you are not maintenance.


Captain Hangover, he’s our hero! Gonna blarf… balrgh… blueegguhgh… ugh…

Yes.  Unfortunately.


Evolution keeps all its weirdest experiments way down in the ocean’s depths. But secretly, they’re its very favorite ones.

Rhinochimaera video courtesy of NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program.


keziah mason- ‘painted nails, green, faded, rusting.’
(in honour of the small deaths the forests bring.)
all sounds created and manipulated by .sjb.
nails in fallen oak.
drag the teeth slowly.
do not look behind you.
nails through teeth.